Om Namo Shivago

Om Namo Shivago



This is the traditional Thai Pali Mantra and prayer that has inspired a revolution in massage and bodywork!


The leading example and exponant teaching this mantra has been GrandMaster Aajan Sintorn Chaichagun, founder and Director of the Buntautuk Northern Hilltribes Medical Association, more commonly known as the "Old Medicine Hospital"


An incredible CD, that includes the complete and un edited mantra as spoken by Grand Master Aajan Sintorn himself.


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From: Aachan, Anthony B. James DM(P), ND, MD(AM)



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May 2016

Dear Fellow Seeker,

My name is Anthony James, and I'm the Aachan (professor) and Founder of ThaiYogaCenter.Com, a top 5 Thai Massage and Massage therapy web site on Google, Yahoo, Altavista, Askjeeves, MSN, AOL and Hotbot.

Shivago Mantra


I understand that the amount of resources available to help you improve your practice and life is huge. I also know that the process of finding the best book, best speaker, best seminar, and best program to improve your practice and life is often a confusing, time consuming and frequently discouraging process. I also understand how expensive it can be. The proliferation of thai massage, massage therapy and yoga education and training materials is amazing.

This realization inspired me to take on a mission.  My mission was to create a simple, easy to read, accessible and comprehensive resources, that provided clear information on the best methods and techniques you can easily learn.

Om Namo Shivago!


"We invite the spirit of the father doctor Shivago" the first words of a powerful and inspirational mantra and traditional Pali prayer. This mantra invokes the spiritual lineage and understanding of the mythical and famous founder of Thai Medicine, the "Thrice Crowned" king of physicians, the saintly doctor know as Shivago or Jivaka (dialect).

Shivago was a well know and decorated Tibetan medical physician who is associated historically with the Buddha and his disciples. His teaching and discipline came to Thailand and Burma ovr a thousand years ago and is still considered the foundation of the traditional medicine to this day.

Every day, twice a day, his memory and blessing are recited and invoked at The Old Medicine Hospital. Many individuals, monks and lay person's staff , patients, and students in the various programs gather in front on the alter and statue of Shivago and in unison follow Aajan as he leads the chanting.

If you have been there to witness this and to hear the energy of this Mantra performed in a group , then you have directly the energy and power that the invocation of Shivago's mantra creates. It is a meaningful, deep and joyous feeling that arises.

As a former student of the Buntautuk Northern Provincial Hilltribes Hospital, I was priviledged to learn this mantra directly from GrandMaster Aajan Sintorn Chaichagun. It has blessed me and my practice. I have been teaching the Om Namo Shivago mantra personally to all of my students since 1992.

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After many , many request, I am making an original , quality recording of the mantra available to you all.

In April 1995, I was priviledged, at the request of Aajan Sintorn, to conduct an interview with him, regarding the history and background of the "so called' northern school of Thai Massage and specifically the history of Shivago. The interview which was conducted for me personally and for my students has never been released until now!

For more information on the Aachan Sintorn Video Interview Click Here!

Thai Yoga Center Recognitions

Grand Master Aajan Sintorn Chaichagun

We feel by sharing this original recording of the grandmaster of the Nuad Boran, Northern Traditional Thai Massage we are paying respect to our teacher as he taught us to do!

The CD does not contain the dialogue, however, it does contain the complete unedited mantra recitation performed by GrandMaster Aajan Sintorn.

This is an original "live" recording. It was made, with permission, during an actual blessing ceremony and contains all of the sounds present at that time. You can hear the voices and chorus of the participants reciting with Phaa Khruu as is the custom and you can hear the sounds of children and animals. Remember this is Thailand, where even in sacred ceremony children will be playing!

As a normal course goes, we teach an abreviated form of this entire mantra. It is a complete whole in and of itself. But it is another thing entirely to hear the "short form" in context and performed byt the master who gave it to the world. We give him and the teachers who gave it to him all due respect. For otherwise we would not have it to share.

In addition to the audio of the spoken Om Namo Shivago Mantra I am giving you a copy of the "short form " mantra on excellent parchment paper, suitable for framing , at no additional charge! This will allow you to read along and learn this powerful energetic tool for healing.

There's more!

Track #2 on the CD is a complete recording of the Thai Pali Theraveda Buddhist Morning prayer. Every monk in Thailand performs this excellent mantra every day. This is the oldest known and most original Buddhist invocation of the Triple Gem's, Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. I recorded this at Wat Nakhonpathom around the same time as Om Namo. This Mantra is in the Pali language, a very old and ancient Sanskrit based language in which the words of the Buddha were recorded and passed on through the generations. This mantra will bless you and in Thailand is used by the monks to bless everything from weddings to business premises! One thing to note is that both Om Namo Shivago and the Morning Meditation begin with a recitation of the triple gem.

My goal in offering this CD to you is for each and everyone to receive a bleesing as I have.


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An accurate english translation of the "Morning Meditation".


You owe it to yourself to be a success. It's what we all deserve.

Whatever you do decide, good luck in your future.

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I'm here to help and if there is any assistance I can give to support you in trying this new style of massage please do send me an e-mail.

Be well and blessings to you.

Aachan, Anthony B. James DNM(P), ND, MD(AM)

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These famous Mantra's have been an inspiration for monks and lay people for over a thousand yers, let them work their magic for you today!

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